Revisiting the RRR MTB Race

About 27 years ago, my friend Greg Tarrant turned up at my place in Mossman, in Far North Queensland and asked if I wanted to go for a ride. He had an idea for a mountain bike race for our fledgling club, the Cairns Mountain Bike Club. His idea was a race from Mt Molloy to Port Douglas down the infamous “bump track.”


We went and explored that track and later he introduced it to the Cairns MTB Club. Peter Blakey, Glen Jacobs and the Cairns MTB club brought their vision and creativity to the subsequent races on that track and it is now world famous. It is the RRR MTB RaceРthe oldest point to point mountain bike race in Australia.

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It must be something like 25 or 26 years since I last rode in that race and 20 years since I rode a mountain bike but yesterday I registered to compete in the RRR again. My flights from Sydney to Cairns are booked, along with my accomodation, transfers and race registration. I am incredibly excited to be racing in this event again. It is definitely not for the faint of heart though. 70 kilometres of track featuring Rural, Rainforest and Reef, finishing on the beach at Port Douglas and negotiating the super fast, root strewn descent of the bump-track- this track has teeth. It has bitten me before.

rrr crash

It will be an absolute thrill to revisit this track even if I am now much slower than I was then.